Friday, September 13, 2013


In the old days Jack went to the Barber Shop. Jill went to the Beauty Parlor.

Today Jack and Jill both go to the Hair Salon. Sometimes they go together.

In the old days Jack went to the Barber Shop and waited his turn. Jill did the same thing at the Beauty Parlor. Today they use their computer to check in on the wait time before ever leaving home.

The Barber Shop is where Jack heard some of his first dirty jokes. Much of the same thing may have been going on at the Beauty Parlor but I think it was mostly gossip. I think!

I have been going to a hair salon to get my hair cut for years. Most men do. But a few still wouldn't go to a salon of any kind if their life depended on it. So a few barber poles are still turning.

I was always fascinated to see a man getting a shave. I watched with great interest as the barber placed a hot towel over the man's face, lathered his face and then slowly and carefully used his sharp straight edge razor to give the man a clean face.

I rarely saw a woman in a barber shop, but some did go there on occasion. Even today at the hair salon I see more men than women but it may just be on the days I go.

In our modern, improved age checking in by computer can be a good thing. But it can also be confusing to some. One elderly man sat patiently waiting while one after another went before him. Finally he jumped up and said loudly, "Sally Jo, I was supposed to be next. I have been waiting too long. I'm leaving and I won't be back" and out he went. The door closed slowly behind him but before it closed all the way he came back in, sat down and said he wanted to be next. He was!

Jack looked around the salon and said to Jill, "You think Spot would like this place?"
"JACK―Spot's a dog!"