Saturday, March 24, 2012

The sky was blue. The sun was bright. The grass was green.

There was the sound of laughter in the air.

It was show time at Rancho Solano school.

What a joy to see families having fun. Mother, father, son, daughter, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins―they all came.

Rancho Solano is just a few blocks from our home. It is a beautiful piece of property with beautiful buildings.

But the best part is the kids―lots of them.

Our friend and fellow blogger, Debbie Petras is one of the instructors there. Her class of three year olds was a part of the show under the big tent. They sang and danced their way through "In The Jungle."

After lunch we strolled back home walking past Horizon High School.

I couldn't help but think "What a wonderful country we live in."

No, it's not the same as it was when I was young. But it's still a good place to live.

I'm thankful to God that we live in a land where we are FREE!

May it always be!


Debbie said...

Oh Clif, I love this post and your feelings and thoughts about the day. It was very special and having you and Charlotte there made it even better for me. I love these children! They are a gift of God to me. I just know it.

We do live in a wonderful country. Rancho Solano has such a mix of people and I love that.

Thank you for your kind words.

Debbie Petras

bp said...

Pretty day! Looks like a fun event.

Lori said...

Sounds like great fun....I wish I could have been there to meet you and Charlotte and Debbie, too, my fellow bloggers. Yes, our country is different than it used to be, but we are still free and there is still much that is good about it! Lori

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing about that fun event, Clif. I'm so glad you three bloggers got to get together.