Monday, March 12, 2012

Weight Loss Choices That
Will Work for YOU!
by Nancy B. Kennedy

OVERVIEW: In a world of endless weight loss plans that never seem to work, How We Did It presents personal stories of success that will inspire, inform, and encourage you to find the program that works for you! How We Did It includes chapters on such vital topics as childhood obesity and bariatric surgery. These uplifting profiles will connect you with others who repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off, but finally found what suited their lifestyle, personality, spirituality, or internal values.

AUTHOR: Nancy B. Kennedy worked in newspapers for many years, including a stint with Dow Jones at the inception of its pioneering electronic financial news service. She has freelanced for numerous publications, including the New York Times and the online Wall Street Journal. She has authored four books, including the Miracles & Moments of Grace book series, and she writes articles and personal essays for books, magazines, and newspapers.

MY REVIEW: If you have been struggling with weight loss—this is the book for you. I agree with Gary Heavin, founder and CEO of Curves International, Inc. when he writes: "We're wrestling with an obesity crisis today, and the answer isn't as simple as eat less—move more... In these real stories of real success, you'll find ideas for making food and exercise choices, as well as the motivation to make these changes."

From personal experience I know that the exercise and diet you choose must fit your personality and be a plan you can follow. What works for one person doesn't always work for everyone. This books makes plain that weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

I love stories and I think that most people do. The stories in this book are success stories. These stories are inspirational, educational and well-written. So if you want to be encouraged toward better health—this is a must read book.

(This book was given to me for this review by Leafwood Publishers with no expectations that the review would be only positive.)