Thursday, November 08, 2012

When I was eleven years old I lived with my mother in a small apartment attached to the back of a grocery store. My mother rented from the friendly grocer and his wife.

One afternoon I came home from school to find my mother very ill. I asked if I could go to a friends house. And to this day, I am ashamed to say that I was very upset that she asked me to stay home. She was much sicker than I realized and the Dr. had her taken by ambulance one hundred miles away to Oklahoma City where she died a few days later.

She was my mother and teacher for only eleven years but during those years she taught me, among other things, to respect authority.

I respected her! I always said, "Yes mam, thank you and please." Out of respect to her I came directly home from school before going any other place.

I respected school teachers, principals, judges, lawyers, policemen, crossing guards, elderly people, anybody older than me----ALL ADULTS.

Did they all deserve respect? Probably not. But most did. Most did!

That was then. What about now? Do all adults deserve respect? No! How about most of them? No! And I'm sorry about that. But that's the world we live in. Some do deserve respect, of course but not most of them.

I am being told to respect the office of President and I do. But it is extremely difficult to separate the office from the man.

I see Bill Clinton in the Oval Office with his pants unzipped, you know what hanging out,  and and a young girl doing you know what to his you know what.Trust? Respect? No. Hell No!! And this is the man that a few days ago told his audience they shouldn't trust Republicans because they were liars. And yet this President was impeached for not telling the truth under oath.

And now there's Obama. I believe that at the worst he allowed those Americans in Bengasi to be killed and at the least he is lying about it, and I have no doubt about his lying. IF there is nothing wrong with his school records he would not spend thousands of dollars to keep them secret. I believe he knew about and maybe authorized the Fast And Furious fiasco that resulted in the death of an American security guard. The list of his failures goes on and on. So no, I do not respect him as President.

"Well Clif, surely you respect mothers just because they are mothers, don't you?" No!

I know mothers who have let their good for nothing, low down boy friends sexually molest their little daughters---not once, but again and again. Respect? If I had my way they would both be hanged in the town square.

I'm one of the most respectful people you will ever meet. But I am sick and tired of mealy mouthed, gutless
people running around smiling in the face of EVIL and thinking they are modeling Jesus.

Jesus would have taken a whip to Bill Clinton and the mother's boy friend---and especially the mother.