Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I never thought I would live to see the day. Yesterday we turned our backs on Mom and apple pie.

Why did Mitt Romney lose the election?

He is too decent. He believes in the old fashioned values of hard work, honesty, kindness, courtesy---saying, "Yes mam," "Thank you," and "Please."

Many today think nothing of defecating on a police car, having sex in public, and telling anybody who doesn't like it to go to hell.

Mitt Romney would have put people back to work and therein lies the rub. WORK?  It scares people to death.

In my mind I keep hearing a black woman's voice saying loudly over and over, "Obama gave me a phone, Obama gave me a phone, Obama gave me a phone."

He bought you a phone did he? Well, most of us worked for the money to buy our own phone.

There was no way Romney was going to defeat Santa Claus Obama.

Too many today want "stuff" given to them. Don't talk about work. That's scary.

Obama intends to take from those who work and re-distribute to those who refuse to work. He says, "It's the fair thing to do."

The values I grew up with are dead and gone. I don't see them returning in my lifetime.

I got my first job when I was in the ninth grade. I worked my way through college. Nobody gave me a dime.
I preached for fifty years and when I retired the churches had not provided me with a retirement plan. Charlotte and I live on Social Security and what we were able to save. Needless to say I don't want Obama taking anything from me to distribute to anybody.

Charlotte and I have always been givers. We give to the local church, to missions, to benevolence around the world. We have gone to mission points to help with famine feeding and drilling for water.

We don't want the government that can't handle anything right to take money from us and waste it on crazy projects.

Shows like "Father Knows Best" and "The Bill Cosby Show" have no place in today's society.

I know a wonderful mother who's daughter talked to her like she was a dog and then pinched her until she had big marks on her arms. So much for showing respect. Yet this daughter says she respects Obama.

Apple pie? Well, that used to stand for the American way. You remember: "As American as Mom and apple pie."

Well my friends, those days are gone.

Today it's "I'll screw anybody, anytime I want to and I want you to pay for the condoms that is if I bother to use one. If not, I want you to pay for my abortion. If I get aids I want you to wring your hands, weep and feel that you failed me in some way. And no I don't want to work. I want you to work and share with me. I need a color television, the newest and best phone and whatever else you have, I want it too."



Lori said...

I so agree Cliff....I never thought I would lose faith in the American people (as a whole) but I did yesterday. My friend kept telling me....we won't stick together, we just want free stuff...I didn't believe her. Now I do. Sadly.

Mevely317 said...

This is a wonderful post, Clif!
I can't wait to share with my GM tomorrow ... she and I were the only unhappy folks in the office today. I just don't get it anymore.

SmilingSally said...

You said it as well as it could be stated, Cliff. I'll bet you were a terrific preacher!

Entitlement . . . that's the word.

Ah well, we will continue to thank God that He is in control.