Friday, July 16, 2010

There are four loaded bookcases in my small office. There are books stacked on my desk, beside me at my computer, across the room on a couch, and on the floor by my "reading" chair.

Looking into the closet in that room I can see the shelves I built there loaded with books.

Some have asked about the bookcase you see when you come to my blog. That bookcase, loaded with books covers one wall in our family room

Most of my books are books on theology, religion, spiritual growth and Christian living. However, since my retirement I have been working with about a dozen different publishing houses and almost every week I receive one or more books in the mail. I now read books I never had time to read before.

Most of the time my office (study) is neat and well organized.

Not today!

My days and life are not as well ordered as before retirement. And also in September I am going to return to the pulpit for a month of preaching. So I need to hit the books. But mainly THE BOOK!

Books, books, books and more books---especially the BIBLE. When I stop typing, turn my eyes to the right and reach out---it's right there!


Warren Baldwin said...

And this is the best book! Read through all of Romans today.

Loren said...

The Best book of all!
The One and Only filled with Truth!
The One that will never leave us disastisfied :)

Back to preaching for a month!! Woohoo! Will they tape it??? If so, I would love to be able to purchase them!! Please let me know ok!! Praying the Lord will lead, guide and the Spirit will speak through you! How exciting!

My books are just the same :) I was starting to panic a bit and my sweet daughter has decided to review with me! PHEW!! Helped me out of a pickle ;)

Happy Friday my dear friend!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Hi I popped over from Spiritual Sunday and enjoyed reading several of your posts.

I must say, I LOVE your library. I, too, love books! And I especially LOVE all the encouraging Scriptures God has blessed us with.

Right now, God has taken me in the opposite direction from you - less reading, more writing. It's so fascinating seeing the different directions God leads each of us in. But as with you, the less reading is ONLY in regards to regular books. STILL vital to spend time daily in God's Word! :)

Thanks for a delightful visit.