Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE LORD'S PRAYER -- Insight and Inspiration to Draw You Closer to Him
By R.T. Kendall

OVERVIEW: No prayer is better known--or misunderstood--than the prayer Jesus taught His disciples. The words, though simple, can transform the way you pray and live. With remarkable insight, wisdom and depth, respected minister Dr. R.T. Kendall uncovers the transforming truths contained within each line of this familiar prayer, including when and why to pray the Lord's Prayer and how unanswered prayer can be a sign of God's favor. Not only will you find a new model for prayer, but you will experience a revolutionary way to draw closer to your heavenly Father.

AUTHOR: Dr. R.T. Kendall, a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Oxford University  is a protege of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He was the senior minister of the historic Westminster Chapel in London for 25 years. The author of numerous bestselling books, he conducts conferences all over the world and writes a bimonthly column for Ministry Today.

MY REVIEW: "As Jesus taught His disciples, prayer was to show them how to speak and how to listen to the Father." In this splendid book, Dr. Kendall shows how Jesus' model prayer has withstood earth's time and man's reluctance to reveal God's heart for us to follow His will. I was privileged to hear Dr. Kendall preach from the pulpit where he preached for 25 years at the historic Westminster Chapel in London. He is an excellent preacher and I have read several of his splendid books. His book on The Lord's Prayer is one of the best I have read on this prayer. I agree with Ed Stetzer who said, "This book will give you fresh insights and encouragement and should be read not just once but multiple times." And I also agree with the words of O.S. Hawkins when he wrote, "This is not just another theoretical treatise but a book that issues out of a life well lived and immersed in communion with God."

(This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers for an honest review.)


Mike said...

How timely, a friend of ours down the street was asking about the Lord's prayer and wanted to know why "lead us not into temptation" was in the prayer. His question being that since God does not lead us into temptation why would this phrase be in the prayer. Perhaps you can give him an answer or the book.


Crystal Mary said...

I love the Lords Prayer, there is so much, in fact everything, in it. Yet, I don't like hearing it muttered without thought. A good subject and a good review. Bless you