Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Frick's frank on a bun is a lot of fun. And it's good too.

I eat a lot of Frick's franks. I shouldn't but I do.

I also say, "a lot" too much according to my blogging friend, Smiling Sally who is a retired English teacher.

Maybe---maybe I'll make a New Year's resolution to get control of these things in the new year. Maybe.

But I probably won't since I never keep New Year's resolutions anyhow.

At noon I "threw" a Frick's frank on the grill and cooked that "rascal" through and through. I like them burned. I usually just eat them right out of the package but today I wanted something hot off the grill.

I toasted the bun to perfection, slapped some mustard on it, threw on a slice of cheese and a few pickles and "Oh My" what a delight.

I mixed some cold diet Dr. Pepper with some diet Coke and that was like icing on the cake.

Most days I eat very little for lunch and something in keeping with my diabetic diet.

But not today, baby--not today.


Heart2Heart said...


You and I are alike in so many ways, sounds like a perfect lunch combination to me. Not too many people I know like their franks grilled to a dark color. I love them that way.

Love and Hugs ! Kat

Mildred said...

Last night, my husband and I decided to be terrible and buy McDonald's burgers and COKE - the real thing - for supper! It tasted so good.
Your hot dog sounds delicious too!

Mevely317 said...

Well, I'm not a big hot-dog lover ... but Frick's Frank is mighty fun to (TRY and) say a'loud.

Mixing colas? What memories this brought back, Clif!!! We used to insert our coins, wait til the paper cup dropped, then "mash" all the soda selection buttons at the same time ... yum.

PS -Thank you sooo much for the "glad tidings" ... I will let you know when the book arrives :)

Pain to Purpose said...

this post made me laugh. Seriously, cold hot dogs? I like the idea of mixing soda together though! The other day I had 5 krispy kremes, a Klondike Bar, pizza and In-N-Out burgers all in the same day! It's good to fall off the diet wagon once in a while... or in my case, fall off, get run over and dragged behind a few miles. haha.