Thursday, May 31, 2012

IF you believe the Maytag advertisements you think their appliances will last forever.

They won't!

However, our Maytag dishwasher did a great job while it lasted and it lasted twelve great years. That's good.

The Kenmore dishwashers were on sale so we bought one and paid to have it installed.

A few years back we had our old white tile taken out and stone flooring put in. The dishwasher looked like it was locked in place forever and that stone would have to be taken up to get it out.

The young installer said he would give it a try---and he did, after a fashion.

"No Sir, it won't come out. I'll come back after you have the stone in front of the washer removed."

He left.

It took me a few minutes to remove the dishwasher.

I called him back.

He acted amazed. I'm submitting his name to Hollywood for up and coming actors.

It had been a long day and was now turning into night but finally the job was done.

When I started this post I thought there was a great moral to the story. Now I don't know!

Hey, there's a lot I don't know.


Anonymous said...

A great big smile coming at you from Marana, AZ. Connie

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