Friday, May 04, 2012

Yes, I knew the tree was directly in front of me. Yes, I knew I could pick up the ball and move it to a better spot. But it would cost me strokes and why would I want to do that? There was no way in heaven that I would hit that tree with a golf ball!

Yes, I hit the tree!

Standing out in front of the green I could "pitch" the ball onto the green with the best of them.

BUT! If there was a body of water between me and the green--even if the distance was the same, I always hit one or two into the water. And then usually the third one would be on. Why? I don't know. If I did I would write a book on how to play golf.

It's a mind game. I probably couldn't have hit that tree with a twenty-two rifle---but I hit it with a golf ball. I probably should have been able to put the first ball right over the water onto the green---but I didn't. I told myself I just might hit the tree--and I did. I told myself I probably would hit a couple of balls into the water--and I did, almost every time around the course.

Life in general is a lot like a golf course. It's a mind game. An attitude thing.

Behind a tree? Lost in the rough? Hazard up ahead?

Don't try to manipulate the situation. Don't lie to yourself and say the situation is not real. Face up to it.

Don't talk yourself into taking the easy way out. Life is hard. Somebody lied to you when they told you it would be easy.

Your ball is in the sand trap? Get in there. You know how to get out.



Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen the movie 'Tin Cup'? It is one of my very fav. movies. I tried to get Ken to watch it but he couldn't stand to see someone throw the game away just because he KNEW he could hit the green over the water from that distance. He never watched it. I own the movie and watch it again and again for my movie fix. Connie