Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The old songs goes, “The first time ever I saw your face…”. She was eleven years old the first time I saw her. Today, after forty-eight years of marriage she gave me a Valentine with one of my favorite pictures of her. The picture was taken when she was thirteen. She was beautiful then—but more so, today.

A long time friend, a single woman visiting in our home said, “But you two have each other.” I had just been telling her how much we loved Phoenix but that we had loved everyplace we had ever lived and that I thought we would be happy living just about anyplace. That’s when she said, “But you two have each other.”

When she first said that, I thought she had missed the point. Today—Valentine’s Day, I understand. I wouldn’t be happy in Phoenix or any other place without CHARLOTTE.

A lot of Valentine Days have gone by since I first met her, but hey, I’m not dwelling on those gone by except for the precious memories they bring. I’m looking forward to the next one and the next and the next… but if they get any better I may not be able to handle it.