Thursday, February 08, 2007

President Bush made the “mistake” of paying Barack Obama a compliment. He said Obama was articulate. Now, where I come from, that’s a good thing—hence, a compliment and something to be desired.

NOT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY IT’S NOT! “No sir, don’t be calling me articulate, you racist.” Now, Barack Obama is not upset by this—just his black friends.

Well, they don’t have to worry about me calling them articulate or anything else—out loud. Let them guess what I’m thinking. I have a long list of words running around in my mind—some good, some not so good. You say, “Clif you might as well go ahead and say the words, they will be upset anyway.” You’re right, but this way is more fun for me.

If President Bush is smart he will follow my lead. The next time he is asked about a black person he will just smile that wry little grin of his and say, "Next question, please."


Anonymous said...

I was enjoying reading your blogs until I read this one. You come across racist. The fact that you call it a "black community" and when asked a question about a "black man"... Being a retired preacher I would think that you of all people would have the mindset of equality. Why should we use phrases such as "a black man"... who cares what race/color? Although I am a white male, I get so annoyed at people who racial profile. It's sad.

Clif said...

White male???? Why mention this? Why not just say you are anoyed? Does being White and being male put you above others? Sounds racist to me. Who cares what color and what gender?