Monday, February 05, 2007

A lot of people won’t show up for work this morning. The problem? Super Bowl hangover. Alcohol will not be the only problem. Some will be hung over from too much—you name it! The body and mind can only handle so much “runnin' and gunnin'.”

Yesterday was a rather calm day around our house. We went to Bible Class and then the morning assembly. After lunch we made ice cream. For dinner, I cooked outside on the grill. And of course, we watched the game and the commercials. Our son and daughter came over in the afternoon and stayed until bed time. We were glad the Colts won and so we waddled off to bed smiling.

In the excess department I would have to note: too much food and maybe a few too many commercials. And that left me feeling a little queasy—but that’s about it.

So, I’m up and at them, and ready to take on another week. It will be a year before the Super Bowl rolls around and next year it will be in Phoenix. We don’t have a beautiful body of water like the ocean for our guests to look at but they won’t have to sit for hours in water falling from the sky.