Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I write with a heavy heart today. My friend, Kevin Morrison took his life yesterday. I have known Kevin since he was in the sixth grade. I watched him go through High School, become a marine, get married, have children and become a police officer. I will always remember what a polite young man and adult he was. He always treated me with the greatest respect. He was a friend, and I loved him and I will miss him. The pain caused by death is the price we pay for loving someone.

For quite some time Kevin has been struggling with mental/emotional problems. He was taking medication but something happened yesterday that caused him to bring an end to the pain of living. Sickness intrudes like a burglar in our home, touching every part of life.

“Kevin, you came into our lives and caused us to love you and then left us too soon.”


Connie said...

Clif, I never miss your blog. I sometime don't get to it for a day or two but I always get back and catch up. I am happy to have missed this one. Debbi called me while I was out and about yesterday (Friday) to relay the bad news. This is so sad. The longer we live the more loved ones we lose.