Thursday, February 22, 2007

It rarely rains in the valley and so we didn’t mind at all when it rained on us all the way up to Sedona. It continued to rain throughout the day so we, with umbrella in hand, scurried from one little shop to the next. Mid-afternoon it rained so hard we sought refuge in a lovely restaurant sitting on the side of a hill. We perched ourselves on high chairs looking out through a huge window. The rain splattered across the window as we looked down on a beautiful little shopping area. Only a few brave souls were milling around. Along with hot cups of coffee we wickedly indulged in sinful desserts.

In the evening, as we left our resort to go to dinner it began to snow and snow it did! The windshield wipers worked hard to keep the snow off. We sat by the fireplace in a delightful little restaurant that we had been to before, and enjoyed a great meal. It was a warm, cozy experience watching the snow come down under the street lights. By the time we left the restaurant the car was lightly covered all over with snow.

The Amara Resort and Spa sits right on Oak Creek. The next morning we walked out into the sun and looked up across the creek at the beautiful red mountains covered with snow. After breakfast we toured Sedona. At noon we had a great lunch topped off with world famous peach cobbler as viewed on Regis.

It sounds like we did a lot of eating—and we did. But we also did a lot of driving, walking (lots of walking) shopping (lots of shopping) and looking at the surrounding beauty. Words cannot describe the beauty it has to be experienced. But yes, the eating did play a prominent place in our “little vacation”—as it always does.