Monday, September 13, 2010

MONDAY - For many years my eyes were always on Sunday. Sunday was "my" day. I even paid "good money" to have one of those fortune teller kind of guys tell me that at the L.A. County Fair one year. Silly I  know. But I smiled and felt good about it. I said, "Yeh, that's right. Sunday is my day!" So for years Monday was the "morning after". Yeh, I always had a "hang over." But now? Now, in retirement everyday is the same. I still like Sunday. But it's no longer "my" day.

WORK - W O R K? Anymore that word scares the daylights out of me. It didn't use to. I have worked all my life and was never too bothered by it. But now, even the thought of work makes me tired. In a few minutes I will drag out my old bib overalls and "suit up." I started wearing these silly looking things because a dear friend does. Sounds like a teenager. Doesn't it? I need to water things in the back yard that don't get watered by the automatic watering system. Then I'll backwash the pool and put in chemicals. After that, I'll get back to restoring an old croquet set that I let sit outside and fall apart.

BOOKS - Books are a big part of every day of my life. I just looked up and around from my computer and I see thirteen books I need to get to---and will. They are not on my schedule of things to do today. They are just there.

FOOTBALL - Oh no, I won't be playing. I'm just basking in the joy of knowing the Arizona Cardinals won yesterday. Yes, it was ugly. And if they keep playing like that they may never win again. But for now, I'll take the win and enjoy it. I did hate it that the quarterback for the Rams had to lose. He's from Oklahoma University and if he had been playing any other team I would have been cheering for him to win. He played a great game.

CHARLOTTE - Ah yes, Charlotte! Much of today will be spent with her. It's true I will be doing this and that that doesn't involve her, but no day---I mean no day, would be complete without her in it.

I hope you have a great Monday----and Tuesday, and Wednesday---you get the idea.


Debbie said...

Clif, what a gem you and Charlotte are! You kind of remind me of Father Tim from the Mitford book series by Jan Karon. I loved those books. I hope that when things get more stable here, I want to reach out to Charlotte again and have a cup of tea or something.


SmilingSally said...

For me, Monday is the unusual day now that I'm only posting on Blue Monday.

Loren said...

You make me smile!! I can just see you in those Bib overalls doing your chores! We have this gentleman who is about your age and Jenna & I see him out doing his yardwork...HE IS PRECIOUS! When we drive by we always say "AWWW, Oh Lord Bless & keep him!" We never met this man LOL but always see him working so hard wearing his big hat and overalls and it just makes us both smile!
I have many books in my pile too and am so thankful for your help and mentoring along the way. I just love reviewing! I needed to get out of my box when it came to reading and boy oh boy have I done that!! LOL
So glad to have found such wonderful godly examples as you and Charlotte! I know she blesses you each and every day! She blesses so many in the bloggy world as well and I for one am very thankful for the both of you!!