Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Many feel that there is more to life than they are experiencing. They are asking, "Where is the treasure box of more?"

I like what Barbara Brown Taylor writes in her book, An Altar in the World:

People seem willing to look all over the place for this treasure. They will spend hours launching prayers into the heavens. They will travel halfway around the world to visit a monastery in India or take part in a mission trip to Belize. The last place most people look is right under their feet, in the everyday activities, accidents, and encounters of their lives."


Virginia said...

That is Sooooo true!!
Remembering that life is good. Remembering those things that put a smile on our faces. Thinking about those things that give us pleasure,a book that I just can't put down, that gives me a warm feeling inside, makes me wish it was raining and I had nothing pressing to do so I could curl up with a blanket on my favorite chair and read all day. It's found time away from time. Walking by the beach. Having the whole family at home. My 20 yr old son spontaneously coming up to me and hugging me.Everyone should take the time to dwell on these pleasures. Appreciation for and acknowledgement of small things. And thank you for making me think about those things that are under my feet.
Joy & Blessings,