Friday, September 24, 2010

The Republicans have come up with a document they are calling a Contract From America or With America or...............these clowns can't even agree on what to call it.

I like it. I like it a lot!



I'll just mention two:

EARMARKS. This is a big one as far as I am concerned. One Republican said they left earmarks out because they had already taken care of that. Sure! They left it out because they know darn well they have every intention of having earmarks.

TERM LIMITS. This is also a big one for me. Everybody wants this except those in congress. Let them do their job for a period of time and then go home. And not with big retirement incomes.

Do we need a change? Absolutely! We must have it. And this new contract is a good start but we must keep hammering away at the things that need to be changed. These political clowns will never change until they are forced to. And I honestly do not know if some things can be changed. I know this is negative but it is also honest.


mya said...

The government, consisting of both Democrats and Republicans, have been on the wrong path for so long. I am not sure they can turn it around. Trust? Very few have earned it. So to be a little negative is to be a realist.
As a nation we are told that we are not a Christian nation, hopefully that is a lie. We have turned our back on our own history and now the schools are not evem teaching the truth and/or leaving out much. I do not think a country can expect God to help if that same country, as a nation, can not recognize Him. But God does love the individual, so we will just keep praying, and hoping that Americans will stand up for Him, and maybe the leaders will follow.