Thursday, September 16, 2010

My initial response to participating in Facebook was, "No, it's not for me."

I didn't want that much exposure and didn't know why anybody else would. But after being involved with Facebook for a while, I find it a fun thing to do and understand why others enjoy it also.

It's fun to know what your friends and loved ones are doing and it's an easy way to answer that often asked question, "What are you doing." I have connected with old friends and schoolmates that I hadn't seen or heard from in years. Not having seen them in years made me want to see their picture on face book---not a caricature, an animal, pictures when they were babies or teens--not even a picture of the movie star they most admire.

Face Book is a great way to communicate with those you care about. It's even a great way to get on a "soap box" and let others know what you are thinking about a particular subject. Yes, they care what you think. More than you know they do. Ok, so they don't care. But you can pretend they do and get all that "stuff" "off your chest."

I would love to see your face on face book and know what you have been up to.Who knows? You might enjoy it. You might even like to see my pretty face. You really might. Maybe.


Merana Leigh said...

I LOVE FB to keep up with happenings back home & stay connected with friends of my younger days mostly. But truth? I'm FAAAAAR more addicted to being here on blogger. Can't get enough of what everyone has to say!

Debbie said...

Clif, I love Facebook!

I am now in touch with so many of my grade school and high school friends. I even get to communicate with my relatives in Norway. If I don't understand something they write in Norwegian, I simply use Google translate. It's been such a blessing!

I'm friends with Charlotte on Facebook. I'll have to see if we are friends too. :)


Karen said...

I agree...Facebook has it's good points...but it is easy(for me) to lose track of time on there...so I have set specific limits to the time spent socializing...blogs are still my personal favorite....

Mevely317 said...

Great reflections, Clif!

Funny, but I've an "in process" blog re. Facebook ... been "in process" for a couple months :(
... suppose it will ever graduate to print?!