Monday, July 24, 2006

May 2, 2006, Shelby Steele wrote the best thing ever written on the way America now fights wars. It appeared in the Opinion Journal of The Wall Street Journal. I called it to your attention at that time. I hope you read it.

I can’t get it off my mind. I read it again today and here is what I see:

(1) It is now unimaginable that we would use anything approaching the full measure of our military power.

(2) Clearly since Vietnam, America has increasingly practiced a policy of minimalism and restraint in war.

(3) Today words like “power” and “victory” are so stigmatized with Western sin in some quarters, it is politically incorrect even to utter them.

(4) There is no will to truly regulate the southern border when for this we are slammed as bigots.

(5) If America is going to remain great and in control of our own destiny we must once again feel the moral authority to seriously tackle our problems.

(6) By using our full military power we can control our borders and win wars. In the long run more lives will be saved this way and life will be better for everybody involved.

We absolutely must get over the guilt we feel from sins of the past. We must determine what is the right thing and then do it!


WhyNotWes? said...

you are so right about this (you both are). I am not sure why we as a country feel like we have to minimize our power. It is the same socialist philosophy that is embedded in our American Leftists. Everybody in the world on an equal footing. That is bull!

Anonymous said...

Well said. We have allowed ourselves to be intimidated by the left, in a society in which rational thinking has eroded.
One can no longer be against welfare without being labeled a racist. One cannot be against abortion without hating women. One can't be for capitalism without hating the environment, or wishing to exploit the poor. And one cannot be in favor of winning a war without being labeled an imperialistic, power-hungry, warmonger, willing to trade blood for oil.
Our country will continue to struggle until open, honest, and respectful dialogue and disagreement can return to the nation's discourse.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. anonymous is me. Steve

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