Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking back on years of preaching, I wonder how many words I used.

What words did I use over and over again?

What word or words did I use so often that the congregations I spoke to thought: "If he says that one more time I'm going to scream"?

For the last few years I have written a daily blog post. Words, words, and more words!

Ah, and then there's Facebook.  Dear old word filled Facebook.

One Christmas I received as a gift a book compiled by Robert Greenman, WORDS that make a difference---and how to use them in a masterly way. Did I? Of course not!

Merriam-Webster's top ten words of the year are: 
1. Austerity
2. Pragmatic
3. Moratorium
4.  Socialism
5. Bigot
6. Doppelganger
7. Shellacking
8. Ebullient
9. Dissident
10 .Furtive

Are these really the top ten words of 2010? I don't know.

Are these ten good words? How would I know. I don't give value to words. I just use words and lots of them.

What's my favorite word? Probably LOVE. Or maybe HOPE. Or maybe GRACE.

I don't know. What's yours?


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