Monday, December 06, 2010

During my years of ministry and studying for sermons and teaching Bible classes I never did a daily devotion as such. I was constantly in the Word and didn't feel the need for a devotional guide.

In retirement I have continued to study the Scriptures but last year I developed the habit of reading devotional books. In fact, last year I used three. But now those have been placed further back on the book shelf and I will only refer to them on occasion.

In the new year I will begin a 365 day journey through the Scriptures reading Pause for Power by Warren W. Wiersbe.

I  have scanned the pages of this devotional guide and it is good--very good.

We all long to read more of God's Word. Yet our world never seems to give us time for a quiet moment with Scripture. We need to "make" time for these important moments.

I would like to encourage you to spend a few minutes each day exploring biblical truth. Pause for power and experience an unforgettable year of spiritual growth and discovery.