Wednesday, December 01, 2010

She didn't mean to do it. I know she didn't. My darling wife would never do anything that cruel.

I had poured all my emotions into it. I had chosen my words well. I had closure.

Yesterday was the morning after and although I have never been drunk I had a hang over and was trying to sober up.

The Arizona Cardinals had gone down to defeat being beaten in every way possible. They would have looked like a bunch of clowns running around on the field accept they were dressed in black and clowns don't usually wear black.

By late afternoon I had started to climb out of my disgust and depression and I wrote this brilliant piece about how we learn great lessons from our failures. 

I had asked Charlotte to read it and then post it for me. She read it. Declared it "good" and then
it happened.

P O O F!


She was trying to take away some extra space at the bottom of the page, hit the delete button and POOF, IT WAS GONE, ALL OF IT!

No, I didn't cry. I didn't get mad (Which for me is a miracle). I took Charlotte out to dinner.

I learned a lesson from failure: Don't be too hard on the Cardinals. They did have 13 yards of rushing to show for their "efforts." I didn't have anything but a blank page.


Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed...in Charlotte! I though she was just about perfect with this computer stuff...................Connie

Charlotte said...

It's not my fault, Connie. I blame Blogger. LOL Deleting that space shouldn't have deleted everything. I WILL be more careful from now on though.

Loren said...

Poor Charlotte!! It happens to the best of us! Doggone Blogger!
Charlotte has come to my rescue so many times on computer issues so I KNOW she would never do this!! LOL on purpose !! Hey, at least you got a nice meal out of it ;)

Love to you both!