Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ditmores from all over the United States will sweep in on San Antonio, Texas next month like a summer thunderstorm in the desert. Texas is big, but so is the Ditmore clan when you get them all together. Who knew?? I certainly didn’t until a few years ago. All my life I thought it was just our little bunch from Fletcher, Oklahoma. Not very impressive—just a few local Okies.

So, am I going to the big reunion? I sure would like to see the Alamo.

“Somebody thinking they would have fun with the preacher managed to unload a dying donkey on the preacher’s doorstep in the middle of the night. When the parson found it in the morning the donkey was dead. He called the veterinarian, “Doc, there’s a dead donkey in front of my house.” In on the prank, the vet answered, “Do you ministers take care of the dead?” “That’s right. We do,” came the reply, “but first we get in touch with their relatives.”


WhyNotWes? said...

Good one Clif!