Monday, May 15, 2006

Magazines, newspapers, letters, memos, faxes, reports, photocopies, bulletins, bills, catalogs, trade journals and much more adds to the paper pile-up. The glut goes on.

You would think that computers and other electronic information processors would bring and end to so much paper. Not so—at least not yet.

We are living in the Information Age.

Over the years I have tried to hang on to every “important” piece of paper and some that were not so important. Only now, at the age of 71 have I started to get serious about getting rid of the paper pile-up.

Let me encourage you to do better than I have done.

Get organized. Keep and file only that which is absolutely necessary. Keep only that which cannot be found anyplace else.

Have a good, uncluttered day!


Steve Laurent said...


I'm pleased to see you have a blog; I very much miss your sermons, so the ability here to see your wisdom in print is quite appreciated!
And you're right about the pile-up. I have boxes full of papers that I didn't have the discipline to shred or dispose of properly when I first received them; now the idea of going through it all is quite daunting!