Friday, August 18, 2006

Just a few short years ago it was all desert—just as far as the eyes could see.

Today, two of the largest resorts in the state and two large shopping areas are where the desert was.

Desert Ridge Market Place is located across the street from the Marriott resort which is the largest resort in the state. Desert Ridge is about three minutes from our house. A few years ago after you crossed Bell Road and passed the little Church of Christ there wasn’t anything but desert all the way to Cave Creek. Now, it is a bustling, crowded area. Last week I had a hard time finding a parking place. I asked myself, “Is this the Christmas shopping crowd out here already?” Nope, it was just the folks out doing their thing on a hot Arizona day.

Kierland Commons is another splendid shopping area about three minutes from our house. Just a few years ago when we drove down Greenway to 64th Street we came to a barbed wire fence and had to detour. Today, the desert is filled in with homes, businesses and many other things. The Westin resort is the second largest in the state and is located across the street from Kierland Commons.

Both Desert Ridge Market Place and Kierland Commons are expanding. Desert Ridge will one day be twice as large as it is now.

I like the desert and we have plenty of it left. I like shopping and we have lots of it. Roaming around in the desert and roaming around the shopping malls are fun things to do. It’s not as much fun in the summer—but the fall is coming. O happy day!