Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of my favorite devotional books of all time is Tim Hansel's Keep Dancin'---Daily Readings to Celebrate Life. 

The following is the first devotional from that book.

But Jesus came and touched them. "get up," he said.
"Don't be afraid." When they looked up they
saw no one except Jesus.
                     Matthew 17:7,8

I can vividly remember a series of Bible studies with a group of high-school students from San Francisco. We examined the basic theology and doctrine of the church. We explored the philosophical and theological positions of the church through history, debating the relevance of each to today's problems of hunger, nuclear weapons, and other ultra-complex situations. We explored how their subjects at school wove together with all the subtleties of Scripture.

Finally one morning a student raised her hand and said, "I'm really getting confused. Is it okay when I get lost in all of this stuff---if I just look at Jesus?"

I look to You, Jesus, because You alone hold the keys to life.


Charlotte said...

Wise student. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa notes... said...

Just look to Jesus. Yes!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Just looking to Jesus......great advice

Pamela said...

What a wise boy. This picture has been one of my favorite pictures of Jesus. I want to keep my eyes on Him.

Organizational Development Services Plus said...

We would all be better off if we just looked at Jesus.