Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last night there were four movies on that I really like: Top Gun, You've Got Mail, On Golden Pond,and Father of The Bride.

I have lost track of how many times I have watched each of these movies.

Do you say, "Nope." "Not for me." "I have seen that. I am not going to watch it again!"

I guess I'm a slow learner. I have no problem watching a movie that I like, again and again.

Last night I settled in on You've Got Mail.

It's a girl's movie? Hey, what can I say? I like it!

What do you think? Should I get a life? Maybe this is just what seventy-seven year old men do? I certainly don't know. This my first time to be seventy-seven.

I can just hear my Christian friends saying, "You should be reading your Bible, praying, visiting the hospitals and prisons, feeding the poor............ "

Maybe I will---just as soon as I get through watching On Golden Pond.

But then again---maybe not!


Lori said...

We have the same taste in movies, Cliff...those are some really good ones. I would add Sleepless in Seattle and Singing in the Rain to the list! If you get a chance, rent "The Shop Around the Corner" with Jimmie Stewart, that was the movie that inspired "You've got Mail" I hope you and Charlotte have a very Happy New Year!

SmilingSally said...

You have my full support to watch as many movies as you wish. Why, you already have studied the Bible more than most!

Happy New Year, Clif.