Friday, August 23, 2013

"The B - I - B - L - E  that's the book for me...."

As a young preacher I often heard children singing those words―at Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible classes and especially Vacation Bible School.

I can't guarantee it but I strongly believe that if your children grow up being taught from the Bible, they will be good people and live happier lives than if they are not.

For many years the tradition of most Christian churches was to have Bible classes for the entire family on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. In addition to this some churches had Bible classes for children on Sunday morning and evening while the adults listened to sermons. In the summer months there would be two week long Vacation Bible Schools and week long Bible camps.

Many if not most churches have abandoned these traditions and I am sorry.

I believe that many today are growing up ignorant of God's Word and this is sad.

The world we live in today is suffering a grave moral crisis.

As a book reviewer I am often asked to name, next to the Bible, my favorite book. That's another subject I plan to write about in the future. But for now, I have to say, loud and clear:

 THE   B  -   I   -   B   -   L   -   E   THAT'S THE BOOK FOR ME!