Thursday, August 22, 2013

The situation comedy, BEWITCHED was on television from 1964 until 1972.

GLADYS KRAVITZ was one of the characters that made my wife and me smile. She watched everything that was going on with her neighbors. We were young and although we had an interest in our neighbors we couldn't identify with her close scrutiny.

Today, some forty years removed from Gladys and her neighborhood interests, we find ourselves being THE BLOCK WATCHERS.

At the entrance into our street there is a sign that has been there for years. It's a sign announcing to all concerned that we have a Neighborhood Block Watch. There is a picture on the sign of a dog in a trench coat.

Elvis and his family are the main ones in our view. Sitting in our family room we see all of their comings and goings. The three boys are men now. One is married and has a family and the other two still live at home.

Bill and Chris are empty nesters now. A son and daughter are still attending college and their youngest son will leave for college this week.

One house is empty. The Doctors who own it, husband and wife  have moved on up to a two million dollar home in the Paradise Valley area and the house next door is being remodeled for sale.

When Ralph moved into his house he was single. He now has a woman living with him. I don't know if they are married or not. I do know the property looks much better since she moved in.

The other two families both still have children at home attending high school. They are Jewish and don't decorate at Christmas but seem to appreciate the decorations that Bill, Elvis and I put up.

The street cleaner came around yesterday and I mean that literally. We live on a cul-de-sac and he went around the edges one time. Quickly!

Our block is quiet and we like it that way. We watch what goes on but we are not block watchers for preventing crime.  Although I do have a gun. Well, guns really. I don't know if I would get one out if I "smelled trouble." I would probably call 911. Although after hearing many 911 calls on television and listening to the stupidity of the operators I might hesitate to go that route.

I know what you're thinking---"If Clif is as busy as he says he is, how does he find time for all this block watching? He must be bored to death."

I see where you're coming from. I really do. But the truth is I am busy. At least I'm busy for an old, retired man. And I am not bored. A little tired maybe---but not bored.


Mevely317 said...

This made me smile, Clif!
My word, but you and Charlotte have been witness to so many of Life's passages!
On the other hand, our neighborhood falls into the sad distracted/disconnected category.... so many moves in/out and most work outside the home. That is, until Tom took ill! The retired minister and his wife who live across the street rallied 3-4 other families ... who've come together to offer their quiet support and prayers ... unbelievable.

PS - Funny, I used to regard Glady Kravitz as an "old lady", and looking at this picture, she looks so YOUNG! lol.

Charlotte said...

Wish there was a "like" button to click on the above comment. Love it.