Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Give me the old time school. The one where the emphasis was on reading, writing and arithmetic.

As far back as I can remember, reading was one of the important things in my life. Oh no, it was not as important as ice cream, attending a 10 cent movie, or playing. But still it was important. And I have never lost my passion for it.

I was blessed as a child to be given a few LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS written especially for children. My sister bought them for me and read them to me.

In my first days of school I was introduced to the DICK AND JANE series of books. I loved them.

The elementary school I attended was located next door to the Carnegie Library. I would go there every day after school, look at the books and go home with two or three.

In every city where I have lived we have had wonderful libraries. I have spent countless hours in them.

As a young preacher I lived in the Los Angeles area and was privileged to visit several excellent libraries housed in schools of theology. The Los Angeles area also provided many used book stores where I found some of my very best theology books.

When I retired from preaching I got rid of fifteen cases of religious books. And yet I came home with hundreds that now occupy space on a large, built in book case in our family room and in my study.
I have shelves in a closet loaded with books, four book cases in my study and books on two desks, two night stands and on the floor.

I am an independent book reviewer and work with about a dozen book publishers. I read and review books on my blog.

My daughter has been a voracious reader ever since she was a child. I love that!

Last week I smiled when I read a post from a Face Book friend telling the story about how much her daughter loves to read and showing pictures of her reading. I'm glad. This gives me hope.