Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. So they say. But it never was for me, until I became an adult, and not even then until I came to my senses.

In my teens I didn't eat much breakfast at all and I was famished by lunch time.

Growing up in Oklahoma and it may have just been a Ditmore tradition, we called the first meal of the day breakfast, the noon meal we called dinner and the evening meal was supper. Dinner and supper were both big meals for us.

Today, I like breakfast but still struggle with what to eat. I would love a big breakfast every morning, but being diabetic that kind of breakfast is not the best thing for me.

I begin my morning with coffee. I usually drink two cups of coffee a day and only in the morning. I don't really like cereal, but I eat it. I get oatmeal from the freezer at Trader Joes and it is really good. My best breakfast is one I make myself. It is a casserole of hash browns, eggs, cheese and sausage. I divide it into small servings, freeze it and then heat a portion in the microwave when I want it.

When we go out for breakfast it's usually to Denny's, 5 & Diner or the café at Deer Valley Airport. Occasionally we treat ourselves and go to Butterfield's.

There are a few places I consider extra special and I love to find an "excuse" to eat there.

THE PLACE is one. They serve a BIG breakfast. I love their big biscuits and gravy and their sausage, eggs and hash browns.

MATT'S BIG BREAKFAST is also special and I have only been there once. Our daughter took us there as part of my Father's Day celebration. The place is small, crowded, and loud but the food is excellent.

OVER EASY also serves a great breakfast. The building is also small but they have a nice patio area which is a good place to eat when the weather cooperates.

It has taken me years to learn it and I'm still working at it, but I now believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. HANDLE WITH CARE!


Mevely317 said...

My dad used to say the same thing! ... "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

Growing up, I thought he was nuts; now, it's my most enjoyable meal of the day!

We, too, enjoy the Deer Valley airport café; but my new favorite is TexAz Grill ... and the menu still reads, "supper."
That word always makes me smile inside.