Monday, August 30, 2010

When a man becomes old, like me-- I will soon be seventy-six, he feels a need to pass along a little wisdom if he has gained any along the way.

So you look around and think about it for a few minutes and say to yourself, "I know a little bit about this and that."

The problem is nobody will pay any attention. They're are all busy tweetin' and facebookin' and whatever the heck they do these days.

So you start a blog thinking you will share your wisdom that way.

Wrong again. Everybody's busy writing their own blog.

So you go on Facebook thinking that old friends will just come crawling out from behind the rocks climbing over one another to get to the little gems of wisdom you post every few minutes.

Nope! Too busy posting cute little nuggets of their own.

So like poor old Elijah you consider going a days journey into the desert, sitting under a tree and praying to die. And then because you are so wise you realize, "Flip, I'm already in the desert and I don't want to die."

So being the wise old man that you are you just go to the freezer, get an ice cream bar, take a bite, smile and say to yourself (nobody else is listening) "You're a pretty wise old man."


Virginia said...

I’m paying attention!
I loved coming over to read your posts.They are full of wisdom and extremely funny.Keep it up.
I like them a lot.I love you sense of humor.
Joy & Blessings,

Jenny said...

LOL Good point. For years, I concentrating so much on updating my Facebook profile that I didn't pay attention to anything going on in others' lives. When I slowed down, not only did I learn more from others, but more attention was paid to what I posted.