Monday, August 09, 2010

A True Story
By Nikki Rosen

OVERVIEW: "In the Eye of Deception is an incredible story of someone finding the truth in the midst of great turmoil. Nikki went through things that no child or young person should have to endure. yet the faithfulness of God was evident through those in her life who shower His compassion and love. Forgiving those who deeply hurt her was a beautiful step in Nikki's journey to freedom. I pray that her story will be an encouragement to those who need to find truth and be released from their pain." -Clay Bergen, Freedom In Christ Canada

"Nikki Rosen's book, In the Eye of Deception, is a story of how God's love transformed a little girl raised in horrendous abuse, into a victorious adult. Nikki now reaches out with a message of hope and healing to those who have suffered as she did." -Maury Blair, author of Child of Woe

AUTHOR: I know Nikki Rosen only as a blogging friend. Therefore I do not have much information about her. I have read her book and I read what she writes on her blog. Do I believe her story? Yes, I do. You may not. You will have to decide for yourself. I have no reason not to believe her and in believing her, I join good company. There are many that have testified to her character and her truthfulness. Hopefully her book, which is now in the style of a self published book, will be seen, read and published by one of our major publishing houses. In that way Nikki will be introduced to the world. You will find Nikki's (Sarah's) Blog at

MY REVIEW: One warm, sunny afternoon in Arizona when it was way too hot to be outside, I sat down with In The Eye of Deception. A few hours later I got up from my "reading chair" wiped the tears from my eyes and thanked God for loving us and always watching over us even when it seems He couldn't possibly care or know what was going on in our lives. I thanked Him for touching the life of Nikki Rosen and lifting her up to live on a higher plane with Him. Is the story in Nikki's book true. I believe it is. But I don't know. I do know that as horrible as it is, the kind of things she talks about goes on all the time. And I do know that God can and does save those who will open the door of their hearts and let Him in. I'm an old, retired minister of the gospel. I did not need to read Nikki's story. But I believe God wanted me to read it and tell you about it because there are many, much younger than I, that need to hear this story of God's redeeming love.


Heart2Heart said...


What a great idea to purchase for someone we know that needs that gift of redemption as a starting point for finding that right relationship with God.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat