Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She pulled up just a little after 7:15 this morning.

She parked not far from a sign that said no student parking. There are four on the cul-de-sac.

She got out and started walking toward the school leaving her car behind.

It's a nice car--a van. The windows were all painted in bright colors. A side window had a cross and the words Jesus loves you. The back window proclaimed that she loves two boys and that's she's cool.I ran out my front door wearing pajamas, house shoes and a t-shirt. My hair wasn't combed and I looked like something the dogs drug up. I didn't care how I looked. I wanted to warn this young Christian she was going to get a $65.00 ticket. I didn't know her name. I thought maybe Mary, or Martha. Since I didn't know I yelled "Hey." She kept walking and never looked back. Not to be discouraged I kept walking and yelling "Hey." She kept going all the way to the school about 2 and half blocks. When we got to the school I turned back. I shouldn't have yelled "Hey." I should have tried Mary or Martha---or Jezebel.

All the students walking along smiled probably thinking to themselves, "Looks like the dirty old man lost the race."

The $65.00 fine will be waiting for her when Miss Cool returns.

It's the "Jesus Loves You" sign and the cross that bothers me.

I would like to know what the policeman thought as he wrote out her ticket.



She certainly deserved the ticket but I'm not sure if I blame her for not looking back and trying to get away from the man.

Mike said...


You tried, and that is what counts.


Mevely317 said...

Both yesterday's post and this have left me chuckling and, at the same time, a little rueful. (You're a funny man!)

I'm thinking how "Mary" would have felt, had you printed this post and stuck it under her windshield!

Loren said...

You are such a hoot!! I may have said this before but I will never have a fish or any other thing like that on my car bc I know I am not perfect and would never want to do something that would cause people to think something just like this! I know this was a blatant act and deserving of the ticket for sure though....I wonder why she wouldn't at least listen to you! You don't look dirty or scary!! LOL

Love and blessings! Thanks for coming by! I always love it when you do!!!

Cherdecor said...

I love what Old Geezer said!

You know, Cliff, that is the way our society is today. Not running down the street in pajamas, but you know......