Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monsoons make messes most of the time. Yesterday was no exception.

I was "playing around" on the computer, minding my own business and not bothering anybody.

Charlotte hollered up from downstairs and said, "It's raining. At least it's sprinkling."

I decided to turn aside and see this thing.

I looked out the upstairs window. And yes, it was sprinkling.

I went downstairs and by then--it was raining--and blowing!

It's the day after and I have cleaned up and repaired almost everything that was messed up and broken.

Except our neighbor's tree. That big green monster of a tree is draped over our fence and in our yard. Very little of it, if any, is in their yard.

Did I mention we needed the rain--and still do?


Down on the Farm said...

I love the monsoons, especially the Summer ones... but I have not been hurt in any way with them. A few leaky windows and those have been repaired. I think I am having problems with a leaky sky light and my son-in-love can and hopefully will close the sky light in someday if it gets too bad. They did that to their leaky sky light and put a hanging pots and pans rack in it's place. If I had known how bright my house was going to be (I have 20 windows!) I would have had NO sky lights. They simply let the heat in. I have had them painted over on the outside and placed styrofoam (sorry, even my little electronic speller can't help me with that one) on the inside. My brother and I love to walk in the Summer rain (when there is no lightening)

Loren said...

Oh goodness! I really love it when it storms but the aftermath...not so much!

We need the rain badly but I won't complain as we have finally broken a 60+day of relentless HEAT and HIGH temps! You know only too well what this OK heat is like so when we get a day in the 80's rain or no's all good ;0)

Love and blessings