Thursday, April 27, 2006

My sin doesn’t just affect me, it affects many others.

The sin of an individual reaches out to others in a variety of areas: Families are affected. Sometime businesses, churches and nations are affected by the sin of an individual.

Think about the mess at Duke University that has been brought about by the sins of a few. We are told, “Boys will be boys” as if this somehow makes it right to hire a woman to take off her clothes and dance. If these “men” hadn’t done this it wouldn’t have been so easy to accuse them of rape.

The young lady down in Aruba might not be missing if she had not been out drinking and if she had not left in a car with three young men. Is it a sin to leave in a car with three strange men? No. But is sure is stupid. Is it a sin to drink alcohol? It probably isn’t a sin to drink alcohol but it is a sin to get drunk and lose your ability to reason.

We all sin but we should try not to. We not only have to pay the price of sin ourselves others get caught in the backwash and they are hurt too.

In today’s culture it is not considered polite to tell somebody that what they are doing is wrong. It may not be polite but it may save somebody from terrible consequences. It may save a life. But most of all—it may save a soul!