Sunday, April 30, 2006

Seventy-one years ago I was born in the little town of Fletcher, Oklahoma. My family consisted of mother, father, four brothers and two sisters. When I was born my father was in a mental institution and remained there over the years until his death. Today, my mother and all my brothers and sisters are gone.

This afternoon my phone rang. On the other end was a dear brother in Christ. He was calling to share some good news. He is one of the elders at a church where I preached for almost twenty years. He was calling to tell me they had just hired a new preacher. They have been looking for a preacher for several months and knew that Charlotte and I were praying for them.

We haven’t lived in their city or been a part of that church for over sixteen years. But we still have brothers and sisters there and we share in their joy and their sorrow.

“Thanks brother for calling. It’s always a joy to hear your voice.”

It’s good to have family. Very good!