Sunday, April 23, 2006

We rolled out of bed at six this morning, ate a bowl of cereal, showered and shined and then headed off for our Sunday morning enrichment class, Christian Ethics.

Today was Missions Sunday at Scottsdale Bible Church and there were over forty missionaries from all over the world at the three morning assemblies and the two evening services. International evangelist, Luis Palau was the main speaker at the morning services and his son, Andrew spoke at the two evening services.

Charlotte is busy cooking hamburgers right now. Many times I cook them outside on the grill but today I am just too tired. This afternoon I worked extremely hard jumping back and forth between channels 3 and channel 15 watching basketball and baseball. I work the remote control with my right hand and that is also the hand I flip burgers with.

I really do like hamburgers. I like them a lot. I once wrote a blog about the burgers I like in the Phoenix area. I like a lot of them but the ones I like the best are the ones made at home.

Sundays are good!