Monday, October 04, 2010

By Charles Swindoll

OVERVIEW: The Church Awakening is primarily for two groups of people:  First, for serious, clear-thinking, tough-minded churchgoers, who know there is a better way and are courageous enough to stand against the swelling tide of postmodernism; Second, for pastors, especially those on the fence, who need permission to buck the tide and put the preaching of the Word of God back in its central place in the church's worship, where it belongs.

AUTHOR: Charles R. Swindoll is Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. He is also president of Dallas Theological Seminary and host of the internationally syndicated radio program Insight for Living. He is a prolific author with many best-selling books. His practical application of the Bible to everyday living makes God's truths a reality to hurting people.

MY REVIEW: Charles Swindoll is one of my favorite writers and preachers. I have many of his books and have listened to him preach on the radio and in person.This new book, which is an urgent call for church renewal, is one of his most important books. My review copy is an advance reading copy so I cannot quote from it. Please take my word for it---this book is packed with needed and valuable information. Swindoll points out that biblical ignorance is intensifying, even in the church. He also points out that in spite of this Christ will be triumphant in the end, and those of us who stand with Him and live for Him will be victorious. That's good news! And that's the foundational message of this powerful book. I recommend this valuable book to all church members and those who preach.

(I received this advance reading copy from FaithWorks a division of Hachette Book Group)