Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Speaking at an A.A. meeting, Philip Yancy tells about his friend George. I think the church could learn some valuable lessons from George.

Here is what Yancy said:

"Several times in my writing I've referred to my alcoholic friend George, who happens to be here tonight. He told me that when he first stumbled into an A.A. meeting on a bitterly cold night some twenty years ago a group of total strangers welcomed him with open arms and told him to "Keep coming back." George had hit bottom, his life was a mess, and since nobody else was telling him that in those days, he accepted their invitation.

George sometimes gets a different response from his church friends. "Aren't you done with that issue yet?" they ask. And this is what George says: 'I realize that for the rest of my life, I can go to A.A. meetings and nobody will ask me, 'Aren't you finished with all this talk about your alcoholism?' They will just say, 'Keep coming back--glad you could make it.'"


Loren said...

Clif! this is HUGE and something that believers need to grasp! Being a child of an alcoholic (MY dad was sober 32 years before we lost him to cancer) he put me into alateen classes as soon as he joined AA. They love, they support, without judgement I might add because they know they have all been there and could at any point return if it weren't for God, and their support system, whether it be other aa members, family or friends. I have watched this program since I was 11 and at least for my dad it was HUGe in his walk of sobriety. I am one who is very thankful for this program and all it does to help those who suffer with this addiction. My dad always said if he would have ever succumb to taking 1 drink he would have not stopped until he died. The steps these people take (there are 12 of them) are huge and in my humble opinion are in line with Gods ways completely!

Thanks for sharing this!

Love and blessings to you