Thursday, October 21, 2010

When I was in the ninth grade, every day after school I would walk several blocks to Mac's Grocery Store and go to work.

Mac's Grocery was a small---really small, neighborhood grocery store.

There are not many Mac's Grocery types left. We have moved on to bigger and better things.

Fry's Markets are big and packed to the brim with just about anything you want.

Well I thought I had seen it all until a few weeks ago---BOOM! WELCOME TO FRY'S SUPER STORE!

When you walk through the front door you come face to face with beautiful flowers in their floral shop. Turn to the right and you walk past different places to buy food, sit down and eat it. And then there is bread and pastries of every kind at their bakery and it goes on and on.

The young oriental fellow hawking rice cakes (or something) is loud enough to be heard all over the store. There is an air of excitement and people are smiling. I didn't see a lot of smiling when I worked at Mac's.

I went from Mac's to a larger store and ended up working several years in the grocery business. I guess it kinda got "in my blood." So if you are not as excited about Fry's Super Store as I am---I understand. But if you are driving past Tatum and Shea you should turn in for a visit just out of curiosity, especially if you are hungry.


Mevely317 said...

Yes, isn't it fabulous?!
When our company's "big-wigs" were here last month we happened on it quite by accident ... I promptly fell in love.
Wait 'til my DH sees what's become of "his" old Smitty's!

Karen June Miller said...

I love stores like this, the Fry's here in SoCal is an electronics store. I love it when the store is packed and there's an open market feel.

Sadly, Walmart is causing our local grocery stores to cut back staff. I personally think Walmart's new grocery store has limited selection and it's a little cheesy, but the prices are extremely low.

I prefer the Whole Foods environment. We have a Sprouts that is cheaper than Whole Foods and wonderfully stocked.

Hugs, KJ